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Carrie Cheadle, MA, CC-AASP

Carrie Cheadle, MA, CC-AASP

DTC Mental Skills Coach

Carrie Cheadle lives in Northern California and is a Mental Skills Coach and Certified Consultant through the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (CC-AASP). She is also author of the book “On Top of Your Game: Mental Skills to Maximize Your Athletic Performance.” Carrie is one of the foremost experts specializing in Mental Skills Training for athletes and exercisers with Type 1 diabetes. Throughout her career she has dedicated herself to helping athletes of all ages and abilities perform to their potential. She has worked with high school and collegiate athletes as well as elite and professional athletes competing at national and international levels.

A popular source for media, Carrie has been interviewed for publications such as Men’s Fitness, Women’s Health, Outside Magazine, Runner’s World, Bicycling Magazine, and Huffington Post. She received her bachelor’s degree in psychology at Sonoma State University, California and her master’s degree in sport psychology at John. F. Kennedy University, California where she now serves as adjunct faculty teaching graduate classes for the Sport Psychology program.

Carrie is energetic, fun, has a great sense of humor, and employs a real-life approach to working on the mental aspects of sport and performance with the people she works with. Carrie has her own personal commitment to life-long fitness and when she isn’t working with athletes, you might find her running a trail or hitting the slopes on her snowboard.

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